Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ghost Festival in Taiwan

Taiwan has traditional culture in July every year. That is the Ghost Festival. This time is from the lunar calendar July 1st to July 31st. In the old tradition, this time is ghost from hell to world. Therefore, the older generations have been telling me many taboos since I was kid. In this month, we don’t play near river or seaside, and we don’t hike in the mountain. At midnight, you can’t take a walk alone because maybe you will meet ghosts. And you don’t whistle night because you will call ghosts came around here.

Middle of month in July we call this da
y is the Ghost Day. In this day, each family will prepare many foods and ghost’s money to sacrifice all ghosts, and want to pray for good life. People have some traditional folklore of activity on July 15th such as the Grappling with the Ghosts, Releasing water lanterns and Ritual of Universal Salvation. Finally, end of month on July 31st. Last activity is the Close the Gate of Hell, that will lead ghosts go back to hell, and mean is people go back to normal life again.

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