Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Win!!! $10 Million Dollars!!!

If I win 10 million, I will be very happy and remain for three days and nights. I will share the money into thirds. First, I can donate some part of the money to the charitable organization, and then, the save the rest of money in a bank. That is because in Taiwan, 10 million dollars can get a good profit from bank every year. That can let me to help more people. Anyway, I like to travel. I hope to anywhere in the world. I want to use the rest one third of money to learn fly airplane, and I have myself airplane. Then I can fly my airplane to travel round the world and enjoy my life. I think I need to try to buy some lotteries now. Maybe I am a lucky man. Let me try!!


  1. I would travel as well. I'd love to go around the world (first class of course!)

    Corrections: "I will divide the money into thirds." "That can let me help more people."

  2. Ha Ha Ha !
    I hope it will become ture in your life!