Sunday, June 20, 2010

Driver's Etiquettes

In my country has many public transits such as bus, train, subway, and high speed rail. Do you think it’s better or worse than Calgary? I think both maybe are the same. But I think the bus driver’s etiquette is worse than Calgary. I think the bus driver’s etiquette is very good etiquette in Calgary. For example, the bus stop on the bus stop, if bus will leave when the passengers from far way are running to bus, the driver is surely to wait that the passengers. But in Taiwan, sometimes “No way! Who care you? Time is money!” On the bus, if elderly passengers not already sit down on the seat, the driver is surely to wait that the passenger already sits down then drive. But sometimes in Taiwan “Please elderly passengers hold on to a pole.” That is I recall the Taiwan bus driver’s etiquettes several years ago. Nowadays, I know they are try to correct their manners and to learn how to etiquettes and friendly for passengers. I think they will as better in the future.


  1. I hope it will be better than before

  2. yes mr alex i think its complicated in our countries the drivers never take care with the pedestrians

  3. When I lived in Taiwan, I found the bus drivers were generally polite, at least in Taipei. I preferred to take the MRT though!

    Corrections: "No way! Who cares about you! Time is money!" "I know they are trying to correct their manners and improve their etiquette for passengers."