Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review My Life in Calgary~~

I have been here for 11 month. I remember I hardly ever to eat restaurant because I think there are very expensive at here. But I know have a Korean restaurant that there Chicken Wings are very cheap on Tuesdays. Many ESL students like go to there. So, I just this restaurant for me deep impression. I remember this restaurant is on 7 Avenue near the C-Train 10 Street station. About shopping mall, I have been to Markets Mall, Chinook and Cross Iron. But I think they are not different just who is large mall. I think they are similar and not special because there anything are crazy expensive. In Calgary, I just like going to hiking and camping, or go to biking around Bow River, because here have good environment and nice air. I don’t like to waste too many shopping time on me. So, I review my Calgary life, maybe just “Natural Environment!”

1 comment:

  1. A lot of restaurants are expensive here. Maybe you have to go during "happy hour"!

    Corrections: "I remember I hardly ever eat out at restaurants because..." "I don't like to waste too much shopping time on myself."