Monday, July 12, 2010

Take Method or Peculiar Prescription?

I remember I haven’t big problem of sick in Canada. Sometimes I will sick when I was felting cold at all day. I usually drink more hot water or eat Vitamin C. I always beginning of sick, I will headache and muscleache. I can to take a Panadol and a cup of coffee; they let me quickly finish my ache. Maybe some people can say, “Are you sure?” “Yes! I am sure! I have been tried this method. Because this method was my doctor taught.” You can try low dosage of Panadol. I think you should to try low dosage. But this method doesn’t often rely, because it maybe let you engender resistance to medicine. The other method, we can cook soup, “Ginger soup!” We usually put in to a lot of gingers and longans, and decoct 1 hour or 1 hour half. Then you should drink and go sleep. Next day, you will feel better. Anyways, if you sick you should go to the doctor is better way.

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